Air Duct Cleaning Services

Indoor Air Quality
Did you know that the air you breathe indoors could be more harmful than the air you breathe outdoors? This is because the air duct system can trap dirt, dust, mold, allergens, bugs, and pet dander inside your duct works.  All-Star Cleaning has invested in equipment to get the job done right. Our powerful trailer mounted vacuum has the muscle to dislodge and remove debris from deep within the air duct system.

The Process

  1. Once arrived, we assess the system and explain the process in which we will be performing.
  2. We cut an access hole in the duct work to attach the vacuum hose which provides the whole system with negative air.
  3. Starting on the supply side of the system, we use pneumatic air whips (200psi+) forcing any debris to break loose from the duct work. Once broken loose the negative air from the vacuum carries any dirt straight outside to our trailer.
  4. Once finished with the supply side we switch to the return side and repeat the process until the entire system is clean.
  5. Next, we cover the access holes with galvanized patch panels and aluminum foil tape. This process not only seals tightly but also allows easy access for future cleaning.
  6. After the cleaning process is completed and the equipment is packed up and put away, the technician will vacuum and clean up any mess left behind.

Why Choose All-Star?

We are a family owned and operated business with powerful equipment and experience to get the job done right the first time. Customer satisfaction is our main priority in any of our services. We offer free estimates over the phone and the price will not change unless there was a correction to the initial information given or an unforeseen circumstance. The final price is given before starting the cleaning, no upselling or changing the price.

To schedule an appointment call: (218) 847-8982, or feel free to use our convenient contact form now. Our normal business hours are: Mon – Fri; 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. All Star Cleaning also specializes in reliable commercial and residential carpet and upholstery cleaning services.